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I’m an Analytics Developer working remotely, with a rich experience in Digital Marketing & Analytics.



I am a proactive and future-thinking Analytics Developer with over five years of experience in marketing and data.I am eager to learn new skills, and with my detail-oriented mindset, I am passionate about making processes more efficient. I am seeking to combine my love for experimentation, my digital marketing knowledge, and my technical analytics skills to grow businesses.

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Analytics Skills

  • Google Analytics (4)

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Adobe Analytics

  • Segment

  • Heap

  • Mixpanel

  • Amplitude

  • Tealium Eventstream

Coding Skills


  • JavaScript

  • Python

  • NodeJS

  • PHP

Paid Advertising Skills

  • Meta

  • LinkedIn

  • Google

  • Reddit

  • Quora

  • Pinterest


"Armando has such a high level of skill he understand the problem before we briefed him. Armando quickly found a solution and made the effort to ensure we understood what he was doing. I could not recommend him enough"Stefaan W.

"Armando is extremely efficient with his time, creative with his approach to problem-solving, and an excellent communicator. "Brain R.

"Due to Armando's know-how and the depth he puts even in a basic training, I feel more comfortable using GA4. If you want to know which data is really relevant for you, where to find it and how to analyze it, then a training by Armando is an absolute must."Jannick E.

"Armando is an absolute master of his craft. I would bet that he is among the best in the world at what he does. He answered all of my questions, crafted a step by step plan of attack, and gave me confidence that he can deliver in a major way.Anonymous

"Working with Armando was an absolute pleasure. He is very responsive, thinks outside the box, has good attention to detail and most importantly - completed the job successfully."Matt C

"Armando is a great guy to work with. Fast in communication and delivers good work."Jos H.

"Armando was superb. He immediately spotted the tracking issue on our website, analyzed it precisely and offered solution alternatives, which he then implemented at light speed while staying under budget. He was very responsive and took ownership of the process. He additionally came up with sophisticated suggestions on how to improve our tracking even further..."Peter N.

"Armando, has excellent communication skills and really help me as the client understand how the solution to the issue will work. He delivered with the estimated time frame and his work was great. I highly recommend!"Stefaan W.


Analytics Implementations

Defining KPIs, setting up tracking-plan, implementation tracking, quality assessment, and subsequent analysis

Google Analytics | Google Tag Manager | Segment | Heap | Mixpanel | Amplitude | Adobe Launch | Adobe Analytics

Analytics Audits

Recommending improvements for your current Analytics implementation.

Google Analytics | Google Tag Manager | Segment | Shopify | Google Ads | Meta pixel (+CAPI) | TikTok pixel | Snapchat pixel | Reddit | Quora

Google Analytics Training

Digital training covering the technical fundamentals, implementation methods, best practices, advanced features, and e-commerce.

Google Analytics | Google Tag Manager | Segment | BigQuery


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